“Dear Mom, Growing up, and even now in my adult years, I am trying to figure out what I h…”

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Dear Mom, Growing up, and even now in my adult years, I am trying to figure out what I have done so wrong. You have always treated me like any decision I ever made was bad. You told my children that I shouldn't be their mother, all because I worked full time. Now that I am an adult, it makes it even harder to understand because there is no way that I could treat my children that way. I feel like my siblings never did a thing wrong and I never did anything right. I know that I am not perfect, but I know that I do the best I can, and I always have. I will never know why that wasn't enough for you, because you say it wasn't that way. I only wish I had a mother that had cared, or acted like she did at the very least. My heart and mind would like to be able to forgive you but it can't. Not after living so many years of my life this way. It has allowed me to grow as a person, and to do everything I can to make sure that my daughters never feel about me, how I feel about you. I suppose if anything good came of it, it was that there are days that I wish that we could mend fences, but the truth is, I know things will never change. I've also seen and heard the very hurtful things you have said and done to my children, and it is the same thing. I will not allow this to continue. I am sorry, even though I shouldn't be. I wish I could have been more important to you than your pride. Your Daughter

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