“To My Darling Sweetheart, I hope this finds you in good shape. I am also fine. There is some…”

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To My Darling Sweetheart, I hope this finds you in good shape. I am also fine. There is something that has weighed me down for almost 5 years now. I felt I should share it with you, my love. It is a secret that I’ve kept from everyone. It was during a summer vacation five years ago. We were camping as a family. We were really happy and enjoying ourselves. We spent two weeks there, but it is the events that took place on the last night of our vacation that I wish to talk about. I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed in bed as the rest of the family went out. I was half asleep when I heard a movement in my room. I woke up to find my stepmother knocking on my door. She said she was not feeling well and that the others had joined the other friends who went out. I told her it was fine to have her back to keep me company. She took my hand to her room. I felt scared and afraid. She told me not to be afraid and that there was nothing wrong to sleep together provided we don’t do anything. We went together into a bed, I was shaking in fear as she pulled herself closer to me that is when I realized she was naked. I don’t know how to say this but the last I remember I found myself in her. I tried to resist but she was all too powerful for my weak arms. I regret the event, I wish she were alive to explain why she did this. But I am a bit relieved. The only way out is together. Hope you will understand as I heal. Yours and Yours Alone.

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