“To My Wife, I have wanted to write to tell you about this long-held secret of mine. For many…”

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To My Wife, I have wanted to write to tell you about this long-held secret of mine. For many years now I have enjoyed watching and betting on horse racing. Although you know I go to the track with friends once or twice a season, you do not know how much I bet. I do not just bet a horse to win for a few dollars. I often bet on an extra race in which you have to choose the first two horses in order. I often box that bet which means either horse can finish in first or second. That increases the cost of the bet. I also bet a trifecta. That means I try to choose the first three horses to finish in order. I also box it. The result is that I bet and gamble much more money than you always believe. I also have not told you I opened an online account. With that account I can add money electronically directly from our bank account since I generally handle the finances you’re not aware of this. I often add $50-$300 a week to an online account. There I’m able to bet and gamble at races and race tracks not only in America but all over the world. While often I win, obviously like any gambler, I bet too much and too often. I lose more than I win but I can’t stop. I love to research the horse's background. I follow various Jackie’s careers. I research the trainers. I know I have a problem. I am going to seek help. I have looked into various gambling help programs and I am going to start one in the near future. I’m sorry if there were times we could not pay bills. At those times I used credit cards to help bridge the gap. I’m so sorry I got into this habit and I hope you will forgive me. I never intended to harm our family or our finances. I will certainly try to do better in the future. Gambling, like so many other vises, is a disease. I hope to handle the problem much better in the future. Your Loving Husband.

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