“To my former girlfriend of 10 years, I'm writing this letter to let you know why I am going …”

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To my former girlfriend of 10 years, I'm writing this letter to let you know why I am going "No Contact" with you during this Covid-19 pandemic. You discarded me ten months ago after being together for 10 years. At the snap of your fingers, you were done with me and moved out. Up until the pandemic hit in March I was picking up the pieces of my life and trying my best to forget you. Of course, it didn't help that you mored right across the street from me. But as soon as our city went on lockdown, and you lost your job, you tried to get back into my life. And I accepted your offer. But just like when we were together, you lied to me. Repeatedly. You lied to me when you had nothing left to lose. You took me off the shelf to quell your Loneliness, then put me right back on the shelf when you wanted a new "toy" to play with. You used me to satiate your boredom with yourself. Well, I've caught on to you. I realized my self worth in all of this. Being alone during this pandemic, on the opposite side of the country from my family and friends, has only made me take a deep look within myself and heal myself. This pandemic has awakened something in me, I realize my worth and how powerful I am. And I realized how worthless and powerless you make me. So thanks for showing me how important I really am. -D

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