“Dear Former Best Friend The first time you gave me up for no reason was painful and con…”

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Dear Former Best Friend The first time you gave me up for no reason was painful and confusing. We have so much history. You had my friend in seventh grade ask me if I would be your girlfriend, and I told her to tell you yes. After two weeks we realized we made better friends, and throughout our grade school years grew inseparable. We smoked weed together for the first time, and years later crack, just that once, when we wanted to just be able to say we did and it was so stupid. The first time you ignored my calls for months I was insecure, I blamed myself, I dreamed up reasons why. The second and third times, after you swore it wasn't me and remembered our love, I was just sad and I tried to be understanding. When you continue to not be there for me again, after I drove hours to force myself in your face, I was just mad. My monthly texts grew mean and callous, I was no longer understanding. You left me! Yesterday I learned you tried crack again – and you didn't stop. You must think you're saving me, but you're not. We were supposed to be there to save each other. And now I'm just sorry. Truly, Hopelessly There For You

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