“Dear Average Human, Why do you have to be so judgmental? Why do you always attack other …”

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Dear Average Human, Why do you have to be so judgmental? Why do you always attack other humans? We should protect each other, help each other, and most of all respect each other. Why do you have to impose gender roles since babies are born? Why do you have such a huge need to label everything? Clothes don't have an assigned gender, toys don't have it either. Everyone should be able to dress however they like. Play what they like and practice any sport regardless of gender or sexual orientation. You tell us it's OK for a girl to wear "boyish" clothes, but only if she is gay. A boy can care about his appearance, but it also means he likes other boys. We can only except others preferred gender if they dress "appropriately," why must you teach this to young people? You should be teaching respect, acceptance, that everyone is different, and these differences are what makes humanity great. You should let your neighbor, daughter, son, nephew, niece, friend, mom, dad, and everyone else, just be themselves, encourage originality. Don't tell someone they are not smart because math is hard for them, tell your kid he can make it as an artist. Let your daughter get her hands dirty and learn how to fix the car. Stop assigning roles to everything, it's annoying and it hurts people. Don't tell a girl she only says she likes football to impress men, hell, let her play if she wants. Don't tell the boys not to cry, let them be kind and sensitive. We would all be much better off if the pointless judging stopped. You are still in time to teach the new generations to be good to one another, to allow them to build a world where we don't step on each other just for kicks. And of course, you're still in time to change yourself, it's never too late to be a better person. There's always room for improvement, and it would make life in this crazy world 1000 times better. So think about it. Kind regards, A Concerned Human

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