“Dear Husband, I hope to divorce you as soon as possible. I am so happy that you are phys…”

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Dear Husband, I hope to divorce you as soon as possible. I am so happy that you are physically out of my life and will be even happier when you are legally out of my (and “our” son’s) life as well. I have never met anyone as manipulative as you. You blame it all on drugs but you are just a sociopath, plain and simple. The eight years of my life that I have wasted on you have been absolute Hell and I wish I could take them all back. I truly hope this new girl that you have brainwashed will somehow get a clue. Even with a child, you only care about yourself; what kind of human trash gets high and goes to jail on their child’s birthday? You have embarrassed your entire family and I am disgusted that your son has to carry your last name. Everyone who meets you, you charm them and lie to them so that nobody believes anything about the real you. Your lies and abuse have finally outrun your facade, and more and more people are seeing the truth. I do not know how you managed to get out of jail this time. I don’t know how many more judges you can fool. Your own parents don’t even want you anymore. All you have is your barely-legal, new girlfriend, the only person dumb enough to buy into you crapy anymore. Initially, I felt sorry for her, but after everyone warned her about you, she called us all liars and narcissists. Little does she know that is actually what you are. I am angry at her because she is sheltering you, and encouraging you, when you need to lose everything. Asylum or jail is the only thing that even holds a chance of saving you, but she hides you away. I do not care what happens to either of you, I just know that I never want to see you again. -Your Wife

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