“Dear Daughter, Writing this letter to you as I have not been able to express what I real…”

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Dear Daughter, Writing this letter to you as I have not been able to express what I really felt all these years, Since your child food you always behaved in the way you wanted your behavior has caused us great pain. Though you were good at studies, you befriended all kinds of funny guys and hung around with them. In our society it doesn't look nice for a young girl to move around with wayward boys, you should have thought about your career and not given so much importance to boys at such early an age. That guy you used to see in your matric class was positively horrible! After so much of scolding by me and your dad, we thought you would turn to the right track and be a more responsible girl. For some time, it seemed as if you had improved, but once again in your MBA class you started dating a guy and were really serious about him. After some hesitation, we said yes to him and thought you would settle down with him. But to the utter dismay of all, you dumped him! Your unpredictable ways have left us in the lurch. We then tried to get you married to someone of our choice but you did not agree. It always pained us to see that you were not marrying. Finally, you chose a guy from your office, whose caste and language and culture were so different from ours. We did not like him but agreed for your sake... Alas, he turned out to be a callous person! It will be better if you leave him and start your life afresh, If you had listened to us when you were younger your life world have been much happier today! Do get out of the mess you have got yourself air. We only want you to be happy always and keep us happy too. Affectionately, Your Mom

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