“To My Math and Physics Teacher, When I first stepped into your room, I feared you. I fea…”

To My Math and Physics Teacher, When I first stepped into your room, I feared you. I feared that you wouldn't like me because I wasn't good at math. I feared you because I thought you'd get mad at me for not paying attention. I feared you the most because I thought you'd be like those teachers I had in the past. In reality, you were the opposite. Despite my concentration problems, you were patient enough to teach me pre-calculus concepts (even though the school didn't want me talking your course), dedicated to get to know me, mom, and stayed after school to tutor me. I'll never forget the conversations, general school advice, and lite tips that you gave me. I still remember when you had those pizza parties and you let me play Super Smash Bros in Your room. I saw you as an older brother figure. I graduated sadly at the time the school district laid you off and tried to rehive you by transferring to another school. You decided that you would go get your PhD (which you got. You then faded away from my life, but not before you gave me your username for a Gaming website we both use. I miss you. I'd really like to talk to you, but we're both busy with our own lives, you with your projects and your new kid; me with my studies and new job. I hope you have the time to open the chatbox and send a Follow-up message on my well-being or I can send you a gift on that site in exchange for a message. But really, miss ya a lot. Your Ex-Student

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