“Dear Mama, Hi! I love you. I just want to start this letter off by saying that I love an…”

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Dear Mama, Hi! I love you. I just want to start this letter off by saying that I love and miss you and the family so dearly! I knew that I was taking a huge risk moving across the country for love, and that I would be abandoning my sense of community and security in doing so, but I didn't think I would feel this lonely and separated from everyone! I've missed my nephew and younger sisters grow up, birthdays, baby showers, holidays, and other celebrations, and it brings tears to my eyes that I haven't been able to be around for it all. I also know that things have not always been peachy keen between us since I've been away. In fact, you could say that they've been a little tumultuous. I do appreciate you recently helping me out financially because times have been really tough having been fired from two jobs. However, sometimes it's impossible to ignore the deep resentment that I've harbored towards you for many years in my childhood where you quite literally abandoned me, or showed very obvious favoritism towards your other children. But no matter the ways & times you harmed me, you will always be my one and only mother, and I will ALWAYS love you! Your Oldest Daughter

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