“Dear Husband, Thanks for coming into my life. You have been a great source of happiness, joy…”

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Dear Husband, Thanks for coming into my life. You have been a great source of happiness, joy, and peace in my life. Your presence makes me feel free of worries sorrows and dependency. You not only gave me love but a true companionship and a cute little daughter. May ALLAH protect us and our family from the evil eye. You pamper me a lot, you bear my foolishness and arrogance with a great display of patience and affection. Even if I am shouting or nagging for no propper reason, you maintain your calm. I know as a human being we all have flaws you too. I am not much interested in materialistic things and I do not have complaints of the things you would not give because having such a wonderful, faithful partner is more than enough, especially when the world and people around have become so selfish and materialistic. But, as we know, with joy there is sorrow, with perfections there are imperfections, our life too has some unpleasant things, some unpleasant episodes but these are part and parcel of life and we have to make compromises to make things work in our favour and in our case unpleasantries are few to name and we'll have more and more positive things to look forward to. I hope we overcome the tiny obstacles that come our way and I make our togetherness and companionship work for us and we witness more and more joyful moments together. Have more kids, grandkids, and not only here but I also our companionship in the next world. Hope you become more tolerant, mature, and have a source of peace in your life too. Thank you for giving me so much love and a wonderful life. May ALLAH bless us more and admit us all in Paradise. Your wife

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