“A Letter To My Love, From the first moment that I saw you standing in the comedy aisle at Bl…”

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A Letter To My Love, From the first moment that I saw you standing in the comedy aisle at Blockbuster, I knew that we would be together. I don’t know how, I don’t usually believe in that sort of thing, but somehow I knew. Maybe it was the fact that you were wearing shorts in December. Maybe it was the way you looked at me as I walked by. I’ll probably never know exactly what caused it, but I just knew that you were the one. Ever since that day, I have been happy. I never imagined that someone could be this happy all the time and it’s all because of you. You are the reason that I sometimes get the urge to run down the street laughing. And you are the reason that I smile so often now. All I have to do is picture your face and think of our last meeting. I enjoy so many of the things that we do together. I love talking with you, discussing current events, or just our normal days. I love taking walks with you in the mountains, having picnics, and enjoying the beauty around us. I never feel more at peace than when we simply hold hands, watch the sunset, and whisper how we feel. I love listening to your voice. I don’t need anything except to be with you. I love you. That will never change. I am committed to us. I am committed to our future together. I truly believe that we were meant to be together. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. -Your Lover

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