“To My In-Laws: I know I do not have the power to influence you, as your minds already s…”

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To My In-Laws: I know I do not have the power to influence you, as your minds already seem made up & Your hearts are cold. The only sin I have committed against you is not being a Jehovah’s witness, as you are. It breaks my heart, as well as equally angers me, that not only do you not have a relationship with your son (my husband)but that you do not even wish to get to know me or have a relationship with your two grandchildren because of this. It baffles me that people like you could be so blind, ignorant, hypocritical, and hurtful. What amazes me even more, is that I have heard from others in the family that you have seemingly fabricated tall tales about me & things I’ve said to you that are not true. You have no idea how much that hurts me; I do not understand what I have done to warrant these falsehoods from you. As much as it saddens me that you feel justified in attacking me, spreading lies about me, & refusing to have a relationship with me, it angers me that you can be so hypocritical and two-faced. You claim to be Christians, but you are the most perverse excuses I’ve ever seen. If judging others, creating lies about others, spreading rumors, & throwing families under the bus is what your faith is all about, then I will gladly have absolutely nothing to do with it, nor will my children. I truly feels sorry for you but I realize that at the end of the day not being in our lives is your choice & your loss. I hope that your conscience is clear & you truly know what your doing becaues leaving it up to you, you will never get to know your grandchildren. Sincerely, Your Daughter-In-Law

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