“To You The Love of My Life, I met you in a moment in my life when life was uncertain and I h…”

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To You The Love of My Life, I met you in a moment in my life when life was uncertain and I had given up in ever finding true love. People told me that I was a fool and that such things were fairytales, I believed in my whole heart that that was not true. You were in that chatroom and l clicked on your video and my eyes met yours and I knew then that I would only love you for the rest of my life. Sigh, dreams do come true. Each time I see your smile a hear your voice my life brightens up with joy and happiness. You are the best part of each and every day of my life. Baby, I know that we live in two different countries, but in my heart, we are as one. It has been one year and nine months since my eyes gaged upon you my love grows more and more each day. I love falling in love with you with every word or joke you say. I can only say that the distance grows smaller with time till there is none between us. The day that you take my hand to hold forever will be the day that all my dreams come true and my life so complete and fulfilled. Even the thought of waking up next to you and falling asleep in your arms makes my heart warm and tingly. I have been blessed with your love and that alone is breathtaking. I want to thank you for picking me and giving me the chance to know what real love is all about. xoxo Yours Forevermore, - Me

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