“To my oldest friend, Just checking in to see how you are doing and handling all of this COVI…”

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To my oldest friend, Just checking in to see how you are doing and handling all of this COVID stuff. I am taking it day by day and trying to follow all the social distancing norms. I make sure to stay away from others and sanitize every time I touch something. I would hate to bring it home and infect my kids. I mean if you are going to get sick then staying home is the only thing to take care of yourselves. The other thing I hate is the hoarding. You can't find the things you need because people are panic buying. If people would just get what they need and not overbuy, there would be some for everyone. The other thing that is frustrating is people not social distancing. You know that people of all ages are getting sick yet they still hang out. My children and I have followed the social distancing. We feel it is important to keep us safe. They talk to their friends on Facetime. My one daughter works in a grocery store and I worry for her. She wears a mask but is still around people all day. I tell her all of the time to sanitize and fear that people from her job have family with COVID and they continue to work. I don't feel that should be allowed. They can be a carrier and pass it on to other workers and then it continues to spread. If people would just listen we could minimize the risk to others. The only thing that I don't like is the mask. It makes it hard to breathe when it's so hot here. So my friend I hope you and your family continue to be safe. Please try to follow the guidelines that are in place. You and your family need to protect yourselves. Your Friend.

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