“Dearest Friend, This is one of the hardest things that I have been through in my entire life…”

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Dearest Friend, This is one of the hardest things that I have been through in my entire life. I watch the news almost every day, the confusion and anger I see, the loss and loneliness hit me in many ways. I wish that I could see my family, to laugh, eat, and just be around them but I can't. I feel really sad and I wish someone would tell me it is all going to be okay. I would hear stories of people getting sick and it makes me wonder, am I next? I see our people treat each other badly and start fighting and I think to myself, we are supposed to be coming together but we are just blaming each other and picking sides when we are supposed to be one nation under God. But we are not. The pandemic makes me uneasy because it is the unknown and anyone any age can be in danger and it really makes me think about death and the life I live and it scares me. I fear for my parents, especially my mother. I almost lost her once before and I do not want to lose her again because the first time was too hard, it nearly broke me. I wish things were back to normal but even I am starting to forget what that was. I have a son and I fear for his life and future. He does not deserve any of this at all but I have to explain to him the people we lost. I wake up and check the news and see the spikes and I get anxious and my fear sets in and I tremble a bit because It feels like it's getting worse and not everyone's wearing a mask and people just want to argue. It isn't the end of the world but it sure does feel like it. Love, An Old Friend

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