“To My Sibling, There have been a lot of things that I've been struggling with during the COV…”

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To My Sibling, There have been a lot of things that I've been struggling with during the COVID-19 Pandemic and I am going to try to convey my thoughts and feelings to you through this letter. I am forever grateful for you to allow me to stay at your house while I struggle to get back on my feet, but being together so much has allowed me to see a different side of you. A side I find not actually know existed I had always thought of us as being very close, loyal siblings who had each other's backs for just about anything thrown our way. I thought you were the only one in the family who I could trust with my secrets. After spending all of this time together in the pandemic, I have learned none of this to be true. I don't know if this is how it's always been or if something changed since I became sick about five years ago, but realizing this has caused a lot of pain and sadness in my life (despite you thinking I don't have feelings). I come to realize that I can't trust you with my secrets, that you run and tell others, even talking bad about me in the process. I have learned that you keep things from me intentionally. I have learned that you only care about things when they have a positive effect on you, like when I couldn't make it to our relative's wedding on such short notice, you said that I made YOU look bad. You never asked what was wrong; you didn't care. I even confided in you that I felt so awful that I questioned if I wanted to live anymore. You didn't contact me again for several hours and never asked how I was doing. You seem to lack empathy, doubt me, and/or are angry with me for something I can't control? I hope someday that you will come to realize these things on your own and maybe we could sit down together and talk about them. I would love to get back to where we used to be. Until then, I will be civil, appreciative, and nice, but I cannot trust you. I love you regardless! Love, Your Sibling.

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