“Dear Classmate, We may never see each other again, but I just felt like writing down my feel…”

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Dear Classmate, We may never see each other again, but I just felt like writing down my feelings about you. You are one of the most beautiful guys I have ever met. I always loved talking to you because you have a humble, yet respectable disposition. I was crushed when we were not assigned to the group project in class. Maybe one of your friends will be around me someday, as I saw you talking to people I've been in classes with or otherwise out right know. Also, my friend plays tennis at another school but knows people on the tennis team here. I guess I'm just saying, I am shy about asking you out, but I want to give you a hint about who I could be. I hope that's not too creepy. If we have another class together, I will definitely sit next to you, otherwise, if not, or you graduated this year then I suppose we will never see each other again, and I don't know how serious of a relationship we'd have if it got there but for what it's worth you are cute, sweet, funny and have a life built out for you. Your energy warms those around you and if you keep that, it will make someone very lucky to have you. I hope one day I get the chance to be that lucky person. Anyways, have a good summer and most likely, good luck in life. Signed, Your Classmate

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