“My Dear Daughter, I am writing this letter to you as I wanted to vent to my feelings, whi…”

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My Dear Daughter, I am writing this letter to you as I wanted to vent to my feelings, which continue to bother me always. When initially you refused to get married, your father and I were worried about how you will manage in this cruel world all by yourself. Finally, when you married him we were relieved that now at least there is someone to take care of you when we are gone. But- as fate would have it your husband turned out to be an abusive person only after your money and not caring about your feelings and dignity. That time you followed our advice and separated from him. Now at least you don't have to go through that torture. Once again, we are back to square one. Once again you are alone and we are worried sick about your future. You may be financially independent that is a big consolation, but we feel you should also have your own family, your loved ones, and your own children. I do not know if you will come across some kind soul in the future who will marry you and keep you happy throughout your life. We constantly pray to the Almighty to make this miracle happen. We would be at peace to know that even when we are not there, someone will take care of you, please do not lose heart my dear. Keep yourself open to new relationships but do not blindly trust anyone as people would like to take advantage. We always think about you and pray for you. Take care and write back. With lots of love, Your Mom

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