“To, My dearest friend, I wanted to disclose my feelings to you many years ago, but could not…”

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To, My dearest friend, I wanted to disclose my feelings to you many years ago, but could not gather the courage to do so, I thought that you may not reciprocate my love fear of rejection prevented me from talking to you openly, but in my heart, I always wished that you could sense my feelings and declare your love first. Alas, that never happened. Many years have passed and the intensity of first love has diminished. However, I still feel that I would have been happy with you. My spouse is very considerate and good. Yours must also be equally nice. Our children are also grown up now and have their own families. I do not remember you and yearn for you like before, but whenever I hear your name, I still feel a pang in my heart. I see your pictures in the dailies and read about your accomplishments and achievements and feel very proud that we were friends once upon a time, In fact, we still are friends and will remain so forever. I wish you well. You have already achieved great success in life. I can wish you good health and a peaceful retired life. I still sometimes dream about our college life and the time we spent together. The thoughts fill me with a longing to become young once again and experience all those moments again. The way you looked, the way you talked, the way you praised me so lavishly- everything is permanently etched in my mind. The biggest question that used to haunt me those days was whether you loved me or not. I am still waiting to know the answer, though it will not change my life in any way, but I would get some satisfaction if you did love me. Your Loving Friend.

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