“To The Lover Who Hurt Me, It's been almost a week since we've last spoke. The last conve…”

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To The Lover Who Hurt Me, It's been almost a week since we've last spoke. The last conversation we had was you telling me that you did not want a relationship with me. You told me I deserved better and that you could not give me what I was looking for. That cut me deep. How could you say this after YOU pursued ME. After I was finally okay just being friends, finally okay with not being romantically involved with ANYONE, you one day ask my permission to date me. Why did you waste my time? If you knew you would chicken out, or get scared when things started to get serious why even u even try in the first place? Right now my heart is full of confusion and sadness, despair, and darkness. Was this entire year of dating me done out of boredom or in vain? Was I just one of many toys you pick up and put down when you are bored? Did we ever have a real connection? Because if you truly felt a genuine connection to me, it would not be this easy for you to give up on me... on us. I would be lying if I said I did not miss you. That I don't miss your random calls and text messages and the way you make me laugh. I not only miss my lover, but I miss my friend. I want you to call me and tell me you were foolish and want me back, that you want to be in a relationship and love and grow with me. I have a funny feeling though, that the moment I let go of you, that is when you would probably do all the things I just stated. But by that time, it is going to be too late. From The Woman Who Will Haunt You Forever.

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