“To Someone From My Past, I really wanted things to work out. I imagined my life a certain…”

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To Someone From My Past, I really wanted things to work out. I imagined my life a certain way. I had dreams that will never come to pass. But I grew up and realized that all the heartache and stress weren't worth it. There are many other worthwhile ways of living my life that don't involve literally killing myself every day for something that may not happen and wondering every day if it's worth it. I've come to realize that life doesn't have to be complicated. It can be easy and uncomplicated. It can be everything that I want it to be without being tied down to someone. There are other worthwhile dreams better dreams and a reality that is even better than my lost dreams. I don't see the past as a failure. Although Lit took me quite some time to look at it without feeling like a failure and holding back tears. But I've learned that I can't see life as a failure for success life isn't measured that way... Life just is and has a way of surprising us for better or worse. It's how we react that defines us, but never as a failure. Because to fail it would be to admit defeat and cease to live.

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