“Dear Society, I greet you with love, strong sentiments, and a deep sense of responsibilit…”

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Dear Society, I greet you with love, strong sentiments, and a deep sense of responsibility. Being an indispensable part of you, a unique, non-replaceable part, I understand the scope of my duties and obligations and I am more than willing to do my best in fulfilling them. But, I have serious doubts about what my role here should be. Do I have to adapt, to try to fit in, to accommodate your requirements or should I simply be me? Would you let me be all I can be, all I want to be and accept that that is my nature in an unquestionable manner? Sometimes I experience such frustration for not being able to give all I am capable of for not being allowed to help accordingly to my abilities. Sometimes, it feels as if you don't really want to receive all the good things I have for you. That makes me unhappy makes me sad. If only I could do everything I want to do in your favor, but I wonder if it is worthy. I hope soon this predicament in which I am can be solved. Sincerely yours, D.C.

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