“Dear Lover, In one month we will be getting married! I cannot even believe the time is almos…”

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Dear Lover, In one month we will be getting married! I cannot even believe the time is almost here. I'm feeling a bit of stress about it, as I'm not quite done with the decorations yet, and I haven't reserved the chairs, either. You know money is tight right now, so figuring out the food part is tricky as well. But even with all the obstacles we are facing. I'm still so excited at the thought of finally becoming your wife! For almost three years now, were been in a relationship and have known each other for over 5 years, In that time, we became good friends, then good lovers, then bad lovers, and finally, we got it all figured out and became BEST Friends and parents together to our beautiful son. Although our struggles were tough, I would not change our past for anything because it only strengthened our bond and commitment and made us so strong together. I'm so happy that we could figure out the right path to take, and overcome addiction, poverty, and despair, to bring our son into a loving and secure environment. I'm very proud of us for that. And I'm very proud of you for how hard you worked, and how dedicated you've been to advancing our lives forward. And even though were still hit with roadblocks from time to time, I love that we both push through and do what's necessary to make it through, and make life stable. I can't wait to be your wife because I see that we're a great team, that our life is so full of love and admiration, and that were truly soulmates! I've never felt this way about any before, and that says a lot considering I've been married twice! Thank you for rescuing my damaged heart and giving me hope in love again! Sincerely, Your Soon-To-Be Wife!

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