“Dear Mom, I have loved you. I have hurt you. At times I have ignored you as well. But yo…”

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Dear Mom, I have loved you. I have hurt you. At times I have ignored you as well. But you know, I never meant to do that knowingly. There were times when yo have loved and cared for me much more than yourself. I feel pained when I remember those moments when I had screamed and shouted at you. But trust me I never did that intentionally. Today when I am so far away from you, I feel lonely and miss everything about you and your love. I feel I am at the crossroads of my life knowing nothing and longing for a motherly love thoughtfully that would guid me ahead in my life. I remember those days when you waited for me for long without having food thinking when I would be back here safe. You even once did not take food when the food left was less and you felt only I should have the left over food and not you. I knew all this but I never respected you for I was directionless that time. The incident when you saved me from the harsh beatings from my father because I came back home late does pinch me hard and is very fresh in my mind. I could have come to you after that meant and thanked you but I didn’t do that. How could I? I feel bad I was so harsh to you. But somewhere, I know you never took that to heart and I also know you still love me the same like before. Now when I look at those moments sitting at a lonely place in my college hostel, I sadly realize how much you loved me. I hope one day I will come back to you, put my head and sleep on you lap forgetting all that had happened in my life because I know you lap is the safest pace on earth that takes away all my pain and sorrows. -Your Son

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