“Dear Man I Admire, Ever since the day I met you, I imagined a life of peace and bliss tha…”

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Dear Man I Admire, Ever since the day I met you, I imagined a life of peace and bliss that only you would be able to give me. I imagined that your caring and happy personality would bring light in my life and hopefully turn my life around. Night after night, I find that we connected even more. We shared laughs, smiles, and even a few angry words with each other. The reason I treat you so badly sometimes is because I know we will never be together, and that we wish to push you out of my thoughts. But it has become increasingly hard to not think of you in a romantic way. The way you look into my eyes and give me your full attention makes me quiver, and I have to fight all the urges in my body not to kiss you. The way you hug me for no reason makes me want to hold onto you for longer so that I can burn your scent into my mind. The way you speak to me makes me feel equal and respected, even when you are upset with me you always find a way to be sweet and kind. I remember when you helped me reach for things because I'm too short, or the ways you go out of your way to make sure I get home safely or eat a meal at work, or even stand up for me at work when other coworkers are picking on me. I wish I could look into those dank brown eyes, the way I did so many times before, and tell you the truth of how much I have fallen in love with you. However I can not, and will suppress my feelings so that you may live a comfortable and happy life. I do hope that somebody finds you and loves you in the ways I do. Anonymous

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