“Dear Mom, Thank you. You have made my life so amazing and enabled me to grow up to be the…”

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Dear Mom, Thank you. You have made my life so amazing and enabled me to grow up to be the woman I am. You are my role model. your ability to take what life throws at you and keep going is absolutely amazing. I would not replace the years we had growing up for anything. My brother and I were so fortunate that you were able to stay at home with us. Summers at the cabin, without TV, finding different activities to keep us busy must have been daunting, but you did it! Some of the Simplest outings are the ones I remember best. Going to the park and letting us play on the army tank, running through the sand dunes, and most of all getting "lost." I can't tell you how many times I believed we were truly lost. Now, when I am lost, physically, or emotionally, I know not to panic. Just keep going and eventually you will find your way back home. I'm not sure if this was your plan. When you were diagnosed with breast cancer you stayed strong for the Family. I couldn't believe how strong you were. You never cried, or wanted pity. You are a fighter and nothing was going to stop you from living life. You have shown me what grace under pressure looks like. I endeavor to have hit as much grace and fight as you do. If you look up the word, mom, in the dictionary, there should be a picture of you. Your ability to love unconditionally and bring people into our family is astounding. My life is so much fuller since you adopted the boys. The more the merrier. Every time I tell you that lam moving you are supportive. You go out of your way to help me pack, I can never thank you enough. Every time you spend at each new place, decorating, giving it the mom touch, truly makes it feel like home. With Love, Your Daughter

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