“To My Ex Who Is A Trader, You abused me more than you will admit to yourself ever. You physi…”

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To My Ex Who Is A Trader, You abused me more than you will admit to yourself ever. You physically accosted me multiple times and kept me down mentally. I feel like I had Stockholm syndrome, where I fell in love with the idea of who I met and couldn't bring myself to properly leave. You held my will prisoner and blamed me for anything that went wrong. Want to know the truth? Your big boobs are the only reason you can make friends so easily. The larger than anyone else's boobs, that could kill someone, attracts all sorts of people your way and you soak it in. You say it isn't the reason but honey it is the first reason people introduce themselves. I have seen it over the 4 years of being with you! Can you not see the stares and pointing and the fact that when they talk to you for the first few times, it isn't in your eyes. You had me believe you never wanted to be with a man ever, that you couldn't connect with a guy. You were too much of a realist that if you couldn't see it, it wasn't real to you. Well now you are with a guy, and not just any guy but a conspiracy theorist who believes the world is going to end and he needs to plant all sorts of things. He believes he needs foil hats and that the government is out to get him. I don't get what you see in him and that's okay. I don't need to. Just f*ing sucks

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