“Dear M- This isn't an easy letter to write, but I wanted to tell you about one of my experie…”

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Dear M- This isn't an easy letter to write, but I wanted to tell you about one of my experiences in the science program you recommended to me back in college. I'm sure you remember the one chaired by Dr. F? When you asked me about it back then I always deflected, changed the subject. You probably thought I did poorly and didn't want to admit it, but the truth was the opposite. ed the I chose a when I joined paleontology focus program. I had big dreams of going on a dig, may be to Montana on Texas. II completed every assignment, every tast. I made sure to make myself shine. But when it came time for Dn. I to recommend us for internships and field work positions... I didn't get a recommendation. The two dudes in the paleo group did, even though their work in the their work in the program paled in comparison to mine. (A biased opinion, yes. But I worked so hand and turned in excellent work. You know what a perfectionist I am.) I confronted Dr. F during his office hours, and his explanation floored me. He said that, in his experience, women weren't suited for the harsh conditions of fieldwork. He didn't think I could cut it. He suggested I consider a museum position - not something scientific, working in a museum bone lab, prepping forsilo, but giving tours. On even selling selling tickets. He said I'd excel at that. I was so offended and horrified that I got up and left without a word. I wish I'd reported him to the school, but I doubled it would have made a difference. knowr. So. Now you -5

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