“Dear Brother, You called me today around sunset but I did not pick up. I did not pick up bec…”

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Dear Brother, You called me today around sunset but I did not pick up. I did not pick up because I was crying tears of frustration. This coronavirus pandemic and lockdown is really getting to me. I am starting to feel hopeless and depressed and my anxiety is actin gup really badly. I know you always say I can come to you about anything, but I don't want to worry you. I would rather you think I am happy and fine. This is because if I let you know how I am truly feeling not only will you worry but you will want me to talk about it...which is something I do not want to do. I know that makes no sense, but for me, being vulnerable is hard. I am the type of person who would rather give advice, listen to other's hardships, and not have to talk about my own. COVID-19 is literally ruining my mental health. I am always anxious when I go outside for groceries and when I have to run other errands. At night I can't sleep because I am too busy reading social media COVID-19 updates. And the biggest thing of all is being in the house ALL THE TIME. I miss my outdoor hobbies, I miss meeting new people and traveling. I miss going on adventures with you and taking Polaroids. There is just so much I am currently missing and it's making me so sad. I know you can relate to what I am saying because we are all collectively going through this Pandemic. But I just can't get myself to express my feelings verbally. I love you so much and I cannot wait until all of this is finally over. Love, Your Sad Sister

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