“To The Girl I Loved In College, I never told you this or anyone for that matter, but I think…”

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To The Girl I Loved In College, I never told you this or anyone for that matter, but I think I like girls. Specifically, I like you. I know that you’ve asked me before if I had had feelings for women, and I’ve always lied and said no. But I only did that because you’re the only woman I have felt anything more for, and I know that you’re only interested in guys. At the time we met during sophomore year you were in a relationship anyway, with that horrible controlling guy that wore the weird glasses. God, I hated him. I still hate him, not just because he was dating you but because he was such a tool. I like to tell myself that if you had dumped him back then I would have told you how I felt, but the opportunity just never arose and besides, I was super shy and awkward back then. I think it’s been over a year and a half since we last talked. Of course, I still see all of your Instagram posts. You look really happy with your new boyfriend. I’m also happy with my boyfriend. I’m very glad we’re both happy now, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if I had said something along time ago. But what could I possibly expect to have happened? Your street. And so am I, for the most part. I don’t enjoy living with the regret of may be missing out on something that would’ve been amazing. But at least we’re both happy. Your Friend.

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