“Dear Soberly Healthy, Have you ever done the Drug called Pain? You trip so hard you wond…”

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Dear Soberly Healthy, Have you ever done the Drug called Pain? You trip so hard you wonder why anyone does anything else. Have you every wanted to feel every cell, every atom in your body and sleepless nights. It makes life so real you know its not a dream or a mere simulation. Though some people might ask “Are you for real?” or think it is all in your head. They will start making you question whether you are going insane but deep down you know that this is real. Don’t worry it’s not a drug they can outlaw. Not when doctors can’t make it stop, and take it away. You will see all different colors and a bunch of different brightness lights. However, be careful not to O.D. or you might blackout and miss the ‘fun’ trip. Have you done the Drug called Pain, or do you have no idea what I am talking about? You never felt what it was like to have every cell in your body on fire and its all you can do to curl up in a ball and not scream. You just want it to end and you know there is nothing that can make it stop while you are in your mortal body. 25 and to the world, you look fine and healthy but inside the paint, that doctors can’t find, is tearing you apart. Will I ever be ‘healthy’ and pain free?! Sincerely, Invisible Disease

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