“Dear You Jazzalicious Man, I have wanted you for years. I have tried to... wanted to tell yo…”

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Dear You Jazzalicious Man, I have wanted you for years. I have tried to... wanted to tell you telepathically how I felt. I figured you wouldn't understand the depth of my passion for you. I have stared and drooled. I have thought of how I could make you see me and want me. Your smile and kooky remarks are the things that make me smile. I know if I had the chance to tell you how I really feel you would see me differently. I'm sure you would be moved and might even want to tell all your friends. You would probably, definitely be making some phone calls. I love thinking bout the old days when it was so much easier to see you, especially at all the local movie theatres. I would see your face and just start blushing and thinking about your unique smirk. I wanted that smirk aimed at me. I pine and long for you even these days. I try to tell myself that your power over me has lessened throughout the years, but I must admit this is not true. I may well always have you in my mind. I may never be able to escape the smirk of the whole weird and wonderful way of you. I may not be passed the strong inferno of emotion and obsession from my past, ut you still preoccupy my mind and cause longing. I hope you live in blessed harmony and peace and feel my thoughts sneak up behind you from time to tome and tickle you on the back of your neck. I know we are together in another dimension and are probably jamming. I know my neck-tickle thoughts are reaching you and making love-shivers go through your body. I believe in the mysterious so who know s what will happen. Maybe you will randomly be aware of my existence or we will run into each other rat the store. I will be looking up your address on the internet and thinking of you. Forever, Dining.

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