“To the man lying by my side, I know I don't speak much, but I mean every word when I tell yo…”

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To the man lying by my side, I know I don't speak much, but I mean every word when I tell you how awesome you are and how good you make me feel. I must be true, you are the most incredible person I know... and yet, I am happy without you. I can go on with my life and get the best out of it. I am used to survival mode. That is why I do not get anxious when we are apart. I do not worry about the distance. Sometimes I feel my soul is longing for you so much, our Father Universe decided to create you just to see if I would become a whole on my own in order to reach you. And so, I started my quest. I fought. I grew. And I traveled 400 miles to find you. And got rid of people and circumstances that hurt me... So I could meet you. And even when I'm whole, I am discovering myself with you. I love your presence and your kindness, which allows me to feel peaceful and comfortable in my own skin. I love your energy and your drive, encouraging my dreams. I love your brightness and your patience every morning. You have been a solace, a shelter. Your heartbeat on my ear, your hand on my wrist, and your voice in the dark. Every time you smile and our often quiet moments. You are my sunrise in Venus. Because of your honesty, pride, and dignity... and the way you look into my eyes and I can tell you abłually see me with you, I feel free. And I aim for you to feel free as well. To be who you are, say what you feel, and go where you may thrive. Enjoy life, darling. I will do my best to be right beside you - The woman lying by your side.

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