“Dear Friend, I am sorry I have kept this from you our whole friendship. I have been hiding m…”

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Dear Friend, I am sorry I have kept this from you our whole friendship. I have been hiding my true feelings for another man since we were in 5th grade. It was an embarrassing secret that I thought would be better left unsaid, but it seems like the time to come out is now. We used to play together when he lived with his parents and I went over to his house every weekend. He told me many times how much he wanted to go back there one day so we could live there permanently. I feel guilty about keeping this from you for so long because it was something I really liked doing and I know you did too. What chance do I have? You can't just leave your friends and family behind and just move away from them. If you don't tell anyone else no one will find out. My family is Catholic so they don't approve of my sexuality and the same with your parents. They would be furious to find out about us but we'll always have each other. We both have this secret no one else knows about. So what if they don't know me completely. They still could have accepted me as one of their own. I've never been in love, but I think I'm in love with you and I think I have been for a while. It's possible for friendship to become more, but I've just been too afraid to take the next step. Love, Me.

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