“Dear Dad, There are so many things I would like to tell you face to face. I either or la…”

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Dear Dad, There are so many things I would like to tell you face to face. I either or lack fail to the words find the time or place. But in this special letter, dad, you will find at least part, the feelings that the passing years have left in my heart. The memories of childhood days and all that you have done to make our home a happy place and growing up was such fun. It was just last month I visited you. I stayed with you for a whole three weeks. We chatted less, discussed more. I always made my point against you. I always thought your ways are different if not wrong. I sometimes even fought. I told you millions of stories about my work, my friends, my world, the internet, technology. But never spared a few moments to listers your stories. Stories about your friends, your world. There is not a single moment of my life that doesn't remind me of you. My job, my skills, my knowledge, is all because of you. When people praise me for my work, I may not say out loud but I know in my heart that praise is because of you. When I got a promotion, a raise in salary, I know somewhere in my heart that is again because of you. Dad, I want to be with you again. Now it's my turn to be with you. Now it is my turn to help you with whatever you need which I know you would never say. But I assure you dad, we will be soon together! Love you Dad!

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