“To My One And Only Friend, Today I'm writing this letter because I wanted to tell you about …”

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To My One And Only Friend, Today I'm writing this letter because I wanted to tell you about my experience. I went into the local store here today and when I went to pay for the items in the cart, the lady asked if I was going to pay for the items that I was putting in my purse. Mind you, I had simply reached for my hand lotion. She must have thought that I was putting a product from the store into my purse when this was not the case. For a minute I could only stare at the worker. I felt stunned, then really sad that this lady had accused me of basically stealing. You know what? I am just tired of people like her judging me based on the color of my skin. It is hard being African-American in this country. Every day it feels like we are being attacked. I can't even go into the store without an employee accusing me of stealing something. This makes me feel really down and depressed, to say the least. Why can't people just leave "us" alone? Why do we always have to be bothered? Love you! I just wanted to tell you that because I know I don't say it enough. Did you know that I really really love you? You have always been there for me and shown that you care for me. You relate to me, and even when I try to shut you out you always make sure to let me know that you are not going anywhere. I want our world to be a better place! I want people that look like me to be treated with love and respect. I feel that one day soon the world won't treat us so badly anymore. Perhaps in our lifetime or not. I just got so sick and tired. But despite it all, I will not give up the good fight. Anyways friend, I just had to get this out. I love you so much and hope to see you very soon. With Love, Your Best Friend

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