“Dear Niece aka "my mini," This Virus at first glance didn't appear to cause any change in my…”

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Dear Niece aka "my mini," This Virus at first glance didn't appear to cause any change in my life. But over the weeks and now months it's starting to seem I haven't escaped change. I don't get to see you and your brother and none of us get to see your new little cousin. To add to that list, my boyfriend and I can't get to see his boys much. This is due to him being considered high fisk. Even though he's been cancer-free for years. We miss you all so much. Right before this started I was asked by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to submit an application to further my contributions with them. Sadly, the place I was assigned to can't be done at this time. Not even the training. The position would have had me doing in-person presentations. So the reasons are obvious why this is postponed. Shopping has been difficult. All the changes have made my already bad anxiety issues even higher. It will be so nice when things go back to as close to normal as possible. When we can spend time being goofy together again and I can embarrass your brother. Stay safe my mini! I know just as I have, that you will. I hope staying home to save lives hasn't driven you mad. I do miss my alone time I would get so often. I notice myself sometimes getting short or rude with my boyfriend. I do not care for myself doing that one bit. It's very out of character. And yet he is so patient with me about it. Lastly, I will tell you trying to move has been a hard task to accomplish. Although that one I think is more welcomed than not. Signed, Your Awesome Aunt.

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