“To My Lovely Crush, it has been over a week since we last met at a friend's party. I hope th…”

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To My Lovely Crush, it has been over a week since we last met at a friend's party. I hope that you have been well and kicking. You have always wanted to know how I am doing and I felt that I should also check on you today as I also would like to share something that I have hidden from you for almost a year now. I have been scared to confess my love for you, for quite a long period and it’s time that I let you know. The fact is that I just can’t stop loving you dearly. From the bottom of my heart. I may not be in a position to understand more of this but all I know is that you make me feel loved and worthy of your love. We have been to a number of social meetings together, I always wish to be in the next one just to have a look at your amazing beauty. You were and have always been so jovial with everything when we meet. I have always enjoyed the attention and care you show me at social gatherings. It’s unfortunate that I’m not able to face you and tell you the truth since I fear that you might have a boyfriend or rather a man in your life who cares and adores you. I also fear that our friendship may end in the event that I have to confess this to you. The thought of feeling rejected is also a block in my pursuit of telling the truth. I hope to hear from you and what you really think of me and the issue at hand. It would be my extreme Joy if you really feel the same about me. Raising a beautiful family with you would be the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Your Loving Crush

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