“To a Friend I Miss, It sure has been a while since we last spoke and I know it wasn’t exactl…”

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To a Friend I Miss, It sure has been a while since we last spoke and I know it wasn’t exactly on good terms, but I wanted to write to let you know I’ve missed you! We spent just about all of our younger years being best friends and while we’ve also had our share of bad times, there were way more good times that come to mind. Like making sweet music videos in your backyard to music like handsome, BSB, Marilyn Manson… Speaking of, I think you know what I’m talking about. Ish. We always seemed to know what each other was thinking and I haven’t found anyone who “got me” like you did! I wish you could know it wasn’t an easy decision to not be your friend anymore. I felt I was always your backup plan and that you didn’t give me the same level of respect I gave you. Then when I learned about the hurtful words you were saying behind my back, it was a stab to the heart. I wished I would’ve gone about talking to you about it in a better way and I’m sorry for that. I was so angry and hurt that’s just how the younger me reacted. I’ve learned a lot more about my feelings and surprisingly how sensitive I am. I used to brush everything off but it started to build up and I believed I was doing the best thing at the time. I find myself thinking about you when I see something on TV or hear someone’s name and I instantly think about texting you! Then remember we no longer talk. I hope you understand I never had malicious intentions and I was truly trying to look out for you. It would be great to talk with you sometime. I saw you have a beautiful daughter now. A mini you! She is adorable! Hope to talk to you soon I think we’ll have a lot to catch up on, Your Former BFF

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