“Dear mom, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you for the sacrifices you made for you…”

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Dear mom, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you for the sacrifices you made for your family. You were the best mom ever to all of your kids and a wonderful wife to dad. You worked so hard your entire life and I don't know how you managed to always have time to listen to your children and make them all feel loved and important. I am so glad that I have such wonderful memories of our time being together and I treasure those precious memories. I remember our Sunday drives and how much fun we had exploring and hunting for treasures. I loved the bread and spam sandwiches, they tasted so good because that was all we had with us and it made them taste extra yummy. I appreciate the patience you always had with the older kids as they went through their teenage years. They weren't very nice to their parents and they really should look back at how much pain they caused the both of you. Me being the youngest, I could see everything you and dad did for them and I never took any of it for granted. I saw the sacrifices you made each day to keep us safe, fed, and clothed. I know you had hardships, desires, wants, and needs yourself but you put your family's needs above your own at all times. I Love you mom and always will.

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