“To My Live-In Boyfriend, I am so happy that we get to live together. When we met I wasn't su…”

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To My Live-In Boyfriend, I am so happy that we get to live together. When we met I wasn't sure how long things would last, if this would be short-term or more lasting. It took no time at all for me to realize that this was something special, something that could last. Now that we have been dating longer, I am sure that this was the right choice. We moved in together after only dating for a few months, I was really nervous! But it has been a fantastic ride. Even if we fight sometimes about stupid things like who picks what to watch or who should do dishes, we always come back to each other in the end. Sometimes during our harshest & meanest fights, I'm not sure if we can fix things. But once we cool down things become clean again, and I'm sure all over again that you are the right person for me. I know that I can be fickle, mean, moody, and bossy, but you always find a way to make me laugh or make me loosen up when I get too serious, I hope that I can do something like that for you too, but I'm not sure what I can offer you are already strong and self-sufficient, so I don't know how I can help you grow. But I will always try, because you have helped me so much in the last year. I know that many of my personal goals this year were only met because of your help. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, endurance, and loving nature. The coming years with you will certainly only get better as we grow into each other more and really learn each other's quirks more than we already have. Here's to you, and all of the love, happiness, and optimism that you bring into my life. The one who loves you.

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