Imperfect Ink co-founders, Kristin Freeman and Jeremy Adam are proud to announce the launch of, a digital platform where visitors can share hidden stories, join a friendly and safe community and find resources to help them lead a healthier, more compassionate life. 

Visitors to the platform can create handwritten letters to a person in their lives with whom they want to share their innermost thoughts, hidden feelings, a letter that they would never dare to send in real life. The digital platform allows writers to post their letters anonymously, and the members of the community read and share the letters anonymously. 

The Mission

The company’s stated mission is to “lessen suffering and heal the world.”  Toward that end, the platform provides members the opportunity to:

  • speak their own truth
  • listen to others’ stories with compassion
  • connect to other members with empathy
  • access helpful resources

Platform Overview

The Read Letters section has many topics to choose from so members looking for a particular section can do so. Topics range from self-love, hope, depression, grief, love, boundaries, etc. The writing preferably takes the form of legible, one-page, hand-written letters, partly to preserve the dying art and partly because writing things by hand makes you think about them before setting them down. The digital world is making writers less considerate. The Read Letters section contains flags to content that may be emotionally triggering for some readers.

Those wanting to write letters to the forum first join the community (it’s free)and create an account in the Write a Letter section. Selected letters are published but the writer always remains anonymous. Additionally, selected letters may be published in the platform’s online newsletter, used in promotional materials, or displayed at public events promoting the project.

Writers are encouraged to submit their letters digitally and then by mail to Imperfect Ink, P.O. Box 49151, Austin, TX 78765.

The Learn section teaches community members how to write romantic letters to their loved ones. This section provides members the opportunity to reap the benefits of writing therapy, where they record their personal thoughts in a safe space and without the burden of updating that comes with keeping a personal journal. Some writers may never speak their personal thoughts out loud but just leave them online. And that’s ok according to the platform founders.  Others may find the courage to speak their words to the object of their affections. And that’s a beautiful thing, they say.

The Resources section provides important links to online therapy and crisis hotlines, videos for healthier living, and more. These resources provide an every-growing library of support, which will aid members of the community as they interact with the platform.

Interested people can find Imperfect Ink on all the major social media platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Imperfect Ink Founders

Kristin Freeman is a prominent artist in Austin, Texas and the creative mind behind the platform. Several years ago, Kristin launched the Thoughts Project and began collecting letters by leaving flyers around town encouraging people to send handwritten letters. After the pandemic hit, the idea of helping people through self-isolation motivated her to expand the capabilities of the platform more than ever. To enable this expansion, she joined forces with her husband, Jeremy Adam, a web technologist with experience in building and managing enterprise-level websites.

Both Kristin and Jeremy are thrilled at seeing what started as a soft-launch with the Thoughts Project scale to a growing, global community.