“Dear Daddy, I just want to tell you how sad my life has been since you died. I’m glad that f…”

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Dear Daddy, I just want to tell you how sad my life has been since you died. I’m glad that for 8 years after Mama died you came and lived with me. I didn’t always realize it, but it was such a pleasure and privilege to have you here and be able to help care for you. I wish you had not been a smoker. It devastated me to see how badly the COPD and emphysema destroyed your body. You were so strong about everything though. I admired the courage you had as you faced lung cancer and surgery to remove part of a lung due to the disease. Your strength gave me hope that you would always be here with me. Losing you stopped my world. I wanted you here longer. I wanted Mama here longer. Even though I have my own family, I am completely lost without the two of you. I pray a rosary for you both every day. You and mama deserve the best that heaven has to offer. I often feel I didn’t treat you as well as I could have when you were here. I took care of you but was often busy and distracted with life. But I was often scared at the way you were being destroyed by the COPD. My own fears kept me from being the best daughter that you should have had. I miss you every day and love you forever. Love, Your Daughter.

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