“Dear Secret Crush, It has been about three months since the last time I saw you in person du…”

Dear Secret Crush, It has been about three months since the last time I saw you in person due to Coronavirus messing up everything and being in lockdown. I miss seeing you in the flesh and having conversations with you. You are literally everything I want in a man. You're attractive, funny, ambitious, and emotionally intelligent. We also come from the same cultural background so you understand my (culture) related jokes and even some of my personal life experiences. The only issue that there is regarding the potential of me and you possibly being together you are my one, you're my coworker, you have a girlfriend, and I don't want to crap where I sleep. Also, I am not a homewrecker. So just my luck right. I find someone I'm attracted to, they are basically perfect, but there are so many obstacles preventing us from being together. Liking a coworker or someone in general that I have a work-based relationship with was not my ideal and it was not planned. It's just that we mesh so well together, I started to grow feelings. Like I said before, I have no intention of stealing you away or being some home wrecker, but if the stars aligned in a way where we could give us a chance at dating or even being together, I would not hesitate to jump on the opportunity... But of course, if we did not work at the same establishment. For now, I guess all I have is hope and daydream. Your Coworker who likes you ♡ ♡ ♡

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