“Dear you ever have is to your friend, I hope your junior year in high school went well. Cong…”

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Dear you ever have is to your friend, I hope your junior year in high school went well. Congratulations, you are now a senior, and closer to adulthood tchan been. It nove teme for you to apply to colleges, and being academically well off just how I was back in high school, I'm sure you're going to apply many competitiae colleges colleges & universities I recall the time I was shoes, hopeful that I would get into a toh-ranked school. Spending days and nights wenning awards in academics and doing well in shorts all of high school, and then spendings dromendous amount of time writing college applications, I was crestfallen upon being rejected by all my rof schools, A urtain school I wanted to get into erlaimed that I didn't lelong to those schools since I was an immigrant His raunts skill haunt me to this day. Bering immigrant just libe myself, bound to le discriminated agalist by others as well. I just hope that your from outside the country does not stuch you from fulfilling your acadente aspirations hard finished your applications, I hope you will hang out with someone and got entro a 2 you are status as being Once you that your friend.

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