“Dear Ex-Grlfriend say Therer lot I've wanted to since we talked last. We didn't end on on th…”

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Dear Ex-Grlfriend say Therer lot I've wanted to since we talked last. We didn't end on on the best of terms and not on the charest terms either. When I went to school, I was cloobly confused on what to do. I said we should separate because I couldn't do long distance, but I could have! I never told you it wad my parents encouraging me to break ор you. I pleaded with them they didn' know to you say such thi but things, didn't seem to care. even with you. they only run en We had such I would come home and see my mom crying about it. I felt I could to have away you for you pr. forget about me por. Ma Maybe you did but I didn't forget about you. a bond that hadn't felt with anyone else. You understand met I was So impressed how your life. I In the back of my mind I wonder what could've been if I had fought harder for you. Life would be different but I know it would you lived be happy, It's bittersweet to see you morried now On one hand hond, I'm glad you're happy & found someone that apprenates you. On the other , I "What if? I think fondly back to our time together. I want know the truth, if only form free one of this weight I have you to you understood You changed my life for the better and I wish how wnuch. I'll always remember our time together. Your former friend

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