“To My Love Bug, Thank you for all that you do for me. I know I can be a brat at times. Or ma…”

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To My Love Bug, Thank you for all that you do for me. I know I can be a brat at times. Or make it seem like I don’t appreciate anything you do. I’m so excited that we get to spend our third holiday together, there’s no one else I’d rather spend them with. You’re the greatest love I have had, and the last love Would want. I know I can be hard on you somedays, but only because you deserve the best and I know you can get whatever you want with a small push. I do apologize for always sounding mean but I am trying to work on that. I can’t wait for our lives to get situated so we can have our own place, so we can have kids, and so Toby, our cat can run around. We have to just work hard and achieve our goals together. We will get through this and do great but we have to work together and I promise you it’ll all be worth it. you are the greatest person I have ever met and I am more than thankful to have you all to myself. I am also thankful for you staying around this long I do love you a lot more than you will ever know. I do apologize for all the hurtful things I have ever told you, I never meant any of it. I really can’t wait for our future to get started and to see what our future has in store for us. I am sorry for the other day for saying you’re lazy, it was wrong of me and was the wrong way to push you to work, but I honestly was just trying to help. I love you forever and always!

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